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Emerging Practices for Implementation

Emerging Street Strategies


The COVID-19 global pandemic altered every aspect of urban life in recent months. In response, city transportation officials around the world have quickly implemented new street design and management tools to keep essential workers and goods moving, provide safe access to grocery stores and other essential businesses, and ensure that people have safe space for social/physical distancing while getting outside. These evolving practices will shape our cities as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and are key to our long-term recovery.

As of September 25, 2020, Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery includes an introduction to using streets for recovery and response and detailed implementation information about numerous street strategies.

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About The Guide

Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery compiles emerging practices from around the world and includes implementation resources for cities and their partners. Recognizing the rapidly changing nature of this pandemic, Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery will be revised and expanded to include new strategies, address changing conditions, and provide the best possible information on each design practice.

Table of Contents:
Rethinking Streets in a Time of Physical Distance
Principles to Guide COVID-19 Response & Recovery
A Public Health Perspective
Street Policies for an Evolving Crisis
Types of Policies to Consider

Emerging Practices for Implementation
Planning & Engagement
Materials & Design
Network Strategies

Emerging Street Strategies
Critical Services (pdf)
Managing Speeds (pdf)
Sidewalk Extensions (pdf)
Safe Crossings (pdf)
Slow Streets (pdf)
Open/Play Streets (pdf)
Bike & Roll Lanes (pdf)
Transit Lanes (pdf)
Transit Stops & Access (pdf)
Pick-Up & Delivery Zones (pdf)
Outdoor Dining (pdf)
Markets (pdf)
School Streets (pdf)
Streets for Protest (pdf)
Gatherings & Events (pdf)
Streets for Voting (pdf)

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