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Opportunities at NACTO

Program Associate, Global Designing Cities Initiative (Jan 15, 2018)

Program Manager, Global Designing Cities Initiative (Jan 15, 2018)


Opportunities at NACTO Member Cities


Project Coordination Facilitator, Seattle DOT (Dec 19, 2017)

Permit Reviewer, Seattle DOT (Dec 19, 2017)

Assistant Civil Engineering Specialist, Seattle DOT (Dec 19, 2017)

Office Engineering Manager, Seattle DOT

Manager of Roadway Structures, Seattle DOT

Principal Planner/Strategic Adviser, Seattle DOT

Senior Capital Projects Coordinator, Seattle DOT

Senior Multi-Modal Design Engineer, Seattle DOT

Senior Stormwater & Drainage Design Engineer, Seattle DOT

General Manager, Portland TriMet

Program Manager, Low Income Fare, Portland TriMet (Dec 15, 2017)

New Mobility Services Manager, Portland Bureau of Transportation (Dec 22, 2017)


Student Summer Internships, SFMTA (Feb 14, 2018)

Division Manager – Traffic Safety, San Jose Department of Transportation

Mountain States

No postings at this time


Bus Scheduling Analyst, Chicago Transit Authority (Dec 22, 2017)

Smart Mobility Strategist, Detroit Department of Transportation

Lead Planner, Transportation & Mobility, Detroit Planning and Development Department

Senior Planner, Chicago Department of Transportation / T.Y. Lin

Sr. Project Manager – DPW, City of Indianapolis

Southwest & Texas

Planner II & III (2 positions), Austin Transportation Dpt. (Dec 26, 2017)

Supervising or Consulting Engineer, Austin Transportation Dpt. (Dec 27, 2017)

Assistant Director, Public Works, City of Houston

Assistant Director (Executive Level), Public Works and Engineering, City of Houston


Livability Planner, City of Fort Lauderdale

Senior Project Engineer, City of West Palm Beach

Mid-Atlantic & Appalachia

Project Manager (Transit), City of Arlington VA

Transportation Engineer, District DOT (Dec 28, 2017)

Associate Director for Progressive Transportation Services, District DOT (Jan 8, 2018)

Commuter Services Bureau Chief, City of Arlington VA

Principal Planner, City of Alexandria VA (Dec 18, 2017)


Bicycle Intersection Coordinator, NYC DOT

Transit Policy Analyst, NYC DOT


No postings at this time


Opportunities at other Cities & Organizations

Northeast / Mid-Atlantic

Policy Analyst, New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission

Strategic Initiatives Associate, Greater Washington Partnership

Communications Associate, Transportation for America

Policy Associate, Transportation for America

Field Operations Manager, Hudson Bike Share (Hudson County, NJ)

Membership, Events, and Development Coordinator, Boston Cyclists Union

Deputy Director of Transportation, City of Newton, MA

Senior Planner—Transportation, City of Watertown, MA

Principal Transportation Planner, Transit, Nelson\Nygaard

Principal Transportation Planner, Multi-Modal, Nelson\Nygaard

Senior Transportation Planner, Multi-Modal, Nelson\Nygaard

South / Southeast

Traffic Director, Palm Beach County, FL (January 3, 2018)

Assistant Director of Transportation, City of Asheville, NC

Community Engagement & Marketing Director, Explore Bike Share (Memphis)

Operations Manager, Explore Bike Share (Memphis)

Project Manager, Transportation, Midtown Alliance (Atlanta, GA)


Program Director, Shared Use Mobility Center

Project Manager – Civil Design (BRT), IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Project Manager – Construction (BRT), IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Rapid Transit Integration Specialist, IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Speed and Reliability Engineer, IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Strategic Planner, IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Data Analyst, IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Service Planner, IndyGo (Indianapolis)

Program Manager, Columbus Partnership Consumer Adoption

Transportation Planner, City of Des Moines

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner, Trailnet (St Louis, MO)

Northwest / Mountain West

Communications Manager, WSDOT (Vancouver, WA)

Pacific Northwest Regional Policy Manager (Salem/Eugene areas), Safe Routes to School National Partnership (Dec 15, 2017)

Assistant Region Construction Engineer, WSDOT (Tumwater, WA)

Statewide Transportation Asset Management Supervisor, WSDOT (Olympia, WA)

Project Engineer, WSDOT (Olympic Region, WA)

Assistant Project Engineer–Design Build, WSDOT (Tumwater, WA)

Program Management Engineer, WSDOT (Vancouver, WA)

Traffic Operations Engineer, City of Eugene

Transportation and Mobility Manger, Downtown Denver Partnership

Director of Planning, Utah Transit Authority


Program Coordinator, Shared Use Mobility Center (Los Angeles)(Dec 15, 2017)

No postings at this time


No postings at this time

Want to post a job opening?

We’re happy to post job openings for city transportation departments and related organizations, free of charge and at our discretion. Please email job postings to [email protected] Include a URL linking directly to the specific job posting, and the closing date if applicable.