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Designing Cities 2020: Virtual Convening

Schedule of Events

Friday, Dec 04

Friday, Dec 04 - 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm (1 Event)EST

Tuesday, Dec 08

Tuesday, Dec 08 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (1 Event)EST

Tuesday, Dec 08 - 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm (1 Event)EST

Tuesday, Dec 08 - 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm (5 Events)EST

NACTO Camp: Signal Superpowers

Breakout Session
Signals. What can't they do? (Narrator: they *can* help manage speeds.) Hear short talks from signal ninjas, and then share your greatest signal phasing triumph, most complicated conflict scenarios, or emerging traffic control solutions. Learn from each other about using

NACTO Camp: Public Transportation by Bike!

Breakout Session
Bike share has become an integrated part of transportation systems in many US cities. In Metro Boston, as Bluebikes approaches its 10-year anniversary, we've learned a lot about managing a publicly owned bike share system. This year in particular, we've

NACTO Camp: Vision Zero Program Management

Breakout Session
Who else is interested in hearing how other cities program manage their Vision Zero programs? Topics could include: Integrating Vision Zero throughout the DPW/DOT and other city departments Program structure/organization structures Program governance Documenting Action Plan progress (quarterly/annually) Document Action

NACTO Camp: The Intersection of BAT Lanes and Bike Lanes - What Works?

Breakout Session
Learn how jurisdictions are designing intersections where BAT lanes are adjacent to bike lanes. Discussion regarding thresholds for mitigating right turns across bike lanes - conflict marking v.

NACTO Camp: Emergency Bus Lanes for Essential Trips

Breakout Session
Sharing relevant information on San Francisco’s (and other cities if identified) efforts to implement temporary emergency transit lanes as part of the City’s COVID-19 response and economic recovery in the face of impending budget cuts. The discussion will cover the challenges of developing political support, prioritizing corridors, making

Wednesday, Dec 09

Wednesday, Dec 09 - 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm (5 Events)EST

NACTO Camp: Real Talk: Pilot to Permanent

Breakout Session
Discuss next steps for temporary projects installed in 2020 to support active transportation. Hosts Barbara Grey (General Manager of Transportation Services, Toronto) and Juan Jose Mendez (Secretary of Transportation and

NACTO Camp: How Boston Installed 6.5 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes During the Pandemic

Breakout Session
In 2020 Boston built an unexpected and incredible amount of protected bike lanes. Learn how we did it and what challenges we faced along the way. Boston’s Healthy Streets initiative accelerated the delivery of key projects in our long-term transportation plan,

NACTO Camp: Going Big - Catalyzing big Shifts in Culture and Funding

Breakout Session
Share reflections and lessons learned from places that have had big shifts in culture and funding towards active transportation, safety and transit infrastructure. Thoughts on how solid foundations in planning, programs, process, trust-building, inclusive infrastructure, and much more all lay

NACTO Camp: Greening Streets

Breakout Session
How are city agencies/departments incorporating green elements, from rain gardens to planters, into their projects, and what are the mechanisms they are using to maintain this infrastructure without relying on Neighborhood organizations to bear the main responsibility/cost? How are they

NACTO Camp: Community-first: Embracing the third wave of new mobility policy

Breakout Session
The COVID-19 pandemic, its economic impacts, and the movement for racial justice have affected how city and county policymakers approach new mobility policy. During this event, participants will hear from the City of L.A. on their approach, as well as

Wednesday, Dec 09 - 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm (6 Events)EST

NACTO Camp: Upward Mobility

Breakout Session
Share ideas and tips to get established in the field, find mentorship, grow professional networks, and advance. Format Open Discussion with some Facilitated Questions Attendee Cap 350 Who is welcome to attend? Open to all attendees (new and more experienced) to both listen and share their

NACTO Camp: Lacing up and getting to it; planning ahead for access, inclusion, and equity

Breakout Session
Let's reflect, identify opportunities, and commit to personal actions to remove barriers in our work. More information: During this session, the facilitator will offer personal examples of mistakes and mishaps that she has caused and encountered while working to create processes that are welcoming to more people. Participants

NACTO Camp: Rethinking Vision Zero / Traffic Safety & the Role of Enforcement

Breakout Session
Space for city DOT staff to have an open discussion and share ideas, challenges on the role of enforcement in Vision Zero / Traffic Safety, especially from the lens of racial disparities in traffic enforcement. Key topic areas include:

NACTO Camp: Public Engagement in a Physically-distanced World

Breakout Session
Public agency staffers will learn and share project communications strategies, public engagement tactics, and outreach best practices in today's world. Attendees will work together to avoid potential pitfalls and tackle communication barriers of real-world transportation projects and programs. Format Workshop Attendee Cap 20 Who is

NACTO Camp: Equity Tools for Transit Planning

Breakout Session
Strengthen collective knowledge and technical skills to more effectively serve Black, Brown, and low income populations via transit service amidst pandemic induced financial constraints. Format Panel & Open Discussion Attendee Cap 250 Who is welcome to attend? Priority to Black and Brown participants and those actively

NACTO Camp: Building the Plane While Flying: SFMTA’s Transportation Recovery Plan

Breakout Session
How to organize around a multimodal recovery plan How to work with other government organizations during a crisis (department of public health, economic recovery task force, etc.) How to evaluate temporary measures on the 'road' to permanence Format Presentation, followed by

Thursday, Dec 10

Thursday, Dec 10 - 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm (1 Event)EST

Thursday, Dec 10 - 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm (1 Event)EST