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Webinars & Digital Design Charettes

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Digital Design Charrettes

What are they?
They’re interactive webinars where staff from one city presents a real-world street design challenge and their peers from across the NACTO network help brainstorm solutions. Digital Design Charrettes are a highly-tailored and valuable opportunity for cities to review specific street design and geometry challenges, get feedback, and develop or refine a buildable street design plan. This interactive format helps host cities think through trade-offs with project designs, refine or improve existing plans, and get a better sense of how their peers are tackling similar problems.

Who’s eligible for one?
They’re only available to NACTO member cities and cities participating in the American Cities Climate Challenge.

Who can watch?
Staff from across the NACTO member city network are encouraged to listen and participate. Even if you’re tuning in as a viewer, Digital Design Charrettes are a great way for planners and engineers to grow their body of knowledge around city transportation. They’re also a great way for practitioners to share their expertise with peers across North America; please contact [email protected] if you are interested in participating in a Digital Design Charrette as a reviewer.

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Featured Digital Design Charrette

Planners and engineers from San Francisco participated in a Digital Design Charrette in 2017 as part of their extensive project to redesign Market Street into a car-free, multimodal urban street. They received input from peers in Vancouver, Seattle, and NYC DOT on a raised bikeway design, refining features of the design and talking through nuances and challenges of the project.

Read more about this digital design charrette.