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Statement: State Lawmakers and the MTA Board Must Go Ahead With Congestion Pricing

Jun 07, 2024

NACTO Chair Janette Sadik-Khan and Executive Director Ryan Russo issued the following statement in response to New York State Governor Kathy Hochul’s announcement that she is directing the MTA to “indefinitely pause” congestion pricing.

Congestion pricing as envisioned for Manhattan south of 60th street would provide wins for everyone: not just for people who walk, bike, and ride public transit, but especially for those who drive. It would support the city’s economy and millions of working-class New Yorkers by reducing congestion, creating space for people to walk, roll, bike, or take buses, and raise much-needed funding from the minority of commuters whose commuting choice causes the majority of congestion for everyone else.

After years of meticulous study and thorough planning, it is poor process to unilaterally undo this work with no public consultation and while the region’s transit system grapples with a financial crisis years in the making . NACTO urges State lawmakers and the MTA Board–which is required to act independently and make decisions purely based on their fiduciary responsibility to the MTA–to ensure that congestion pricing is implemented as planned. 

New York must not create its own traffic, emissions and governance crisis based on perceived political calculus unrelated to transportation practice. Good policy should be made because it is good policy. And if history is our guide, good policy in transportation is ultimately good politics. 

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June 7, 2024