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NACTO Camp: Lacing up and getting to it; planning ahead for access, inclusion, and equity

NACTO Camp: Lacing up and getting to it; planning ahead for access, inclusion, and equity

Let’s reflect, identify opportunities, and commit to personal actions to remove barriers in our work.

More information: During this session, the facilitator will offer personal examples of mistakes and mishaps that she has caused and encountered while working to create processes that are welcoming to more people. Participants will be invited to:

  • reflect on and share their own examples; and
  • identify small, but concrete and impactful, actions that they can take ASAP to being making their work more accessible.

This session is intentionally scheduled near the end of the conference. It is an opportunity to turn your learning into action. We will discuss ways that we can connect after the conference to ensure accountability partnership and celebration of successes.

The specific desired outcomes, include:

  • recognition of the ways that we are all (hopefully unwilling) participants in oppressive systems, with a commitment to actively working to unlearn and dismantle;
  • an understanding of basic tools and steps for creating environments that are more welcoming and accessible; and
  • a personal list of “next steps” to take action on right after the conference.

Short presentation, followed by group activities and discussion

Attendee Cap

Who is welcome to attend?
City or Town staff who are ready for positive change now

Host Company or Agency
Cambridge Traffic, Parking, and Transportation

Wednesday, December 9
3:30 PM ET | 12:30 PM PT
Registered attendees only

Pre-registration is required to access the session “Join” button in your custom Virtual Lobby.