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Designing Cities 2019: Toronto

Schedule of Events

Monday, Sep 09

Monday, Sep 09 - 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm (1 Event)

Monday, Sep 09 - 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm (9 Events)

From Margins to Center: Creating Agency for People of Color in the Transportation Sector

This session is specifically designed to hold space for—and center—the voices of people of color.

Scaling Up: From Bike Lanes to Complete Networks

Hear from cities doing large-scale rollout of bike infrastructure, and how they're turning their agencies into well-oiled network delivery machines.

Navigating New Challenges in a Digital Age

As mobility data proliferates, cities (and private sector companies) must grapple with how to ensure that technology serves to enhance, not diminish, civic life.

Planning to Deliver

Left unmanaged, the rapid increase in urban freight delivery looking to access the curb poses big challenges for efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Lessons From the Front Line

Maintenance and operations professionals are a valuable source of in-the-field experience and expertise, but projects often struggle to incorporate their valuable perspectives.

Communities Take Action: Countering Systemic Exclusion Through Public Space Planning

Learn how underrepresented communities have successfully organized and formed coalitions with cities to elevate their voices and be at the planning table.

25's the Limit: Setting Safe Speed Limits in Your City

Given the choice, how would you set speed limits? Based on how fast people are already driving, or how fast you want them to drive?

Red Light, Green Light 1-2-3: A Live Signals Charrette

Join some of the finest minds in city signal design for an in-person version of a NACTO Digital Design Charrette.

The Stairway to (AV) Heaven

Drawing from NACTO's just-released second edition of the Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism, join our panel of policy, transit, and freight experts as they lay out their visions for making AV heaven a reality.

Monday, Sep 09 - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (1 Event)

Tuesday, Sep 10

Tuesday, Sep 10 - 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm (9 Events)

The Role of Transit and Mobility Management in an Era of New and Expanded Shared Mobility Options

Join the TRB Committee on Mobility Management for an interactive workshop to inform their major study on new mobility services.

Caught in a Ride-Hail Storm?

This panel brings together decision-makers from large global cities to discuss how each has managed (or not) to absorb ride-hail onto already-saturated streets.

Free For All: Managing and Expanding People-Focused Street Events

Car-free events are a powerful tool, converting streets to public spaces and contributing to positive environmental, economic, and social outcomes.

Don't Give Up at the Intersection

This session will show how each element of the intersection—geometry, signals, movements—work hand-in-hand to make the street work for everyone.

Creating the Demand for Change: TDM Strategies for a Low Carbon Future

Hear from three Climate Challenge cities about how they are increasing transit, carpooling, and active transportation trips through transportation demand management programs.

Managing the Message & Getting Results

Communication matters. Messaging can be the difference between a 'controversial' policy or program, and one with critical buy-in from the public.

Don't Lose Your Riders: Centering on Equity in Bus Network Redesign

This panel will explore this trend and build on the bus network redesign topic through the lens of equity.

Paint, Posts, Pop-ups and Partnerships: The Quadruple Threat to Transform Streets Fast

With the right combination of paint, posts, and partnerships, cities can prove concepts and change the status quo on their streets fast.

At the Intersection of Transportation & Equity

Panelists will share their process to approach transportation planning through an intersectional lens.

Tuesday, Sep 10 - 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm (9 Events)

Data Tools for the Bottom-up City, with SharedStreets

SharedStreets works with cities to create open source, privacy protecting tools to understand their rapidly-changing streets. Join us to learn what we're building, how it works, and how it can support transportation planning and oversight.

Unlocking Benefits by (Strategically) Talking Transit

How we talk about transit improvement projects—and how effectively we publicly connect better transit to other priorities—is crucial to success.

Making the Case with Data

Driving decisions with data requires applying it deliberately to support project evaluation, community engagement, and public communications.

The Role of Streets in Creating Resilient Cities

How can we use green infrastructure to build more resilient streetscapes and communities?

Public Art: Extending the Life of the Street

As stewards of the road and the sidewalk, cities shape streets not just as places to travel through, but as places to be.

Get Poor Charlie off the MTA: Rethinking Transit Fare Policy to Set Riders Free

What does a reliable, equitable, and accessible fare program look like?

Beyond Enforcement

This is a forum to learn from and speak with panelists as you deep dive into specific challenges, opportunities, and next steps to move beyond inequitable enforcement practices.

A Global Perspective: Streets that Save Lives

Experts from the across the globe will showcase how their programs, projects, and policies around safer street design have helped their cities and regions save lives.

Putting Transit to a Vote

In this session, veterans of high-profile transit ballot fights will share their real-world insights for strategies to win at the ballot box.

Wednesday, Sep 11

Wednesday, Sep 11 - 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm (7 Events)

Embedding Vision Zero into the DNA of Your Agency

NYC DOT staff will share their experiences building a comprehensive street safety program, with lessons learned to apply on your own city streets.

It Takes Two (to Make a Thing Go Right)

Getting stuff done requires meaningful collaboration and strong relationships that overcome agency and department divides.

Dibs? Fitting in Transit Priority & Better Bikeways on Crowded, Contested Streets

Active main streets with dense destinations are key routes for both bikes and transit. As our cities' most constrained environments, how do you ensure space for both?

The Pricing is Right: Capturing the Value of Places, Curbs, and Trips

Combating unsustainable increases in driving, congestion, and carbon emissions will require unlocking the full potential of the public right-of-way: pricing the street.

Sharing Two Wheels: A How-To Guide for Cities

As shared bikes and scooters grow in popularity, cities are grappling with how to leverage their regulatory power to achieve public goals without jeopardizing the promise of private sector resources.

All the Data & All the Privacy: Managing Mobility Data

How are transportation agencies adopting a principles-based approach to data management to make smart and safe use of mobility data?

Streets for Kids: Why They Matter and How to Make Them

Streets that account for the needs of children and their caregivers improve the health, safety, and quality of life for everyone using the street.