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Making Meetings Matter: A Facilitation Skill-Building Workshop

Making Meetings Matter: A Facilitation Skill-Building Workshop

Think about the best meeting you have ever been a part of. And now the worst. What exactly set those meetings apart from the rest? Meetings and all sorts of people-convenings are critical to getting our work done well, but far too often, they feel like a poor use of valuable time, with unclear goals, the wrong people in the room, unengaged participants, end-times that aren’t honored, or vague follow-up. So how can we make more of our meetings timely, powerful, positive, and useful to all involved?

Designing and facilitating effective meetings–from public community meetings to internal staff huddles–is a learnable skill. What sets those great meetings apart from all the others is careful, intentional planning and keen facilitation skills. In this workshop, we’ll explore practical tools and approaches to make all of your meetings more productive, effective, and – dare we say – enjoyable for everyone.

You’ll learn creative strategies to engage stakeholders, meaningful ways to surface and truly hear community needs, and tips for how to present your ideas in a compelling way. Through structured exercises, you’ll also have a chance to work through some vexing meeting puzzles you’re grappling with in your own work. You’ll leave this workshop ready to design and facilitate all sorts of meetings, internal and external, with new confidence, energy, and skills.

Fee: $175; includes breakfast

3.0 credit hours