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>> Project Team


The National Association of City Transportation Officials is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that represents large cities on transportation issues of local, regional, and national significance. NACTO views the transportation departments of major cities as effective and necessary partners in regional and national transportation efforts and promotes their interests in federal decision-making. The organization facilitates the exchange of transportation ideas, insights, and best practices among large cities, while fostering a cooperative approach to key issues facing cities and metropolitan areas. As a coalition of city transportation departments, NACTO is committed to raising the state of the practice for street design and transportation by building a common vision, sharing data, peer-to-peer exchange in workshops and conferences, and regular communication among member cities.

NACTO  Executive Board

Seleta Reynolds, President
General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Scott Kubly, Vice President
Director, Seattle Department of Transportation

Crissy Fanganello, Secretary
Director of Transportation for Public Works, City and County of Denver

Danny Pleasant, Treasurer
Director of Transportation, City of Charlotte

Robin Hutcheson, Affiliate Member Representative
Director of Transportation, Salt Lake City

Janette Sadik-Khan, Chair

NACTO Project Team

Linda Bailey
Executive Director

Matthew Roe
Director, Designing Cities Initiative

Corinne Kisner
Director of Policy and Special Projects

Craig Toocheck, Project Manager
Program Analyst/Designer, Designing Cities Initiative

Aaron Villere
Designing Cities Fellow


The Transit Street Design Guide would not have been possible without the support and guidance of TransitCenter and the Summit Foundation. Many thanks to Darryl Young of the Summit Foundation and David Bragdon, Shin-pei Tsay and Stephanie Lotshaw of TransitCenter. The project team would like to thank all of the members of the steering committee, as well as contributors and representatives of partner organizations, who contributed their expertise to the development of this guide, including the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the American Public Transportation Association.

Special thanks to Heather Boyer, Rachel Miller, Sharis Simonian, and all the staff at Island Press for bringing this publication into print. Finally, thanks to Laurie Alemian-Derian, Kate Fillin-Yeh, and Ted Graves of NACTO, for their tireless support and contributions to the project.

Project Steering Committee

Larry Marcus, Arlington County

Norman Lopez, Jr., City of Atlanta
Becky Katz, City of Atlanta

Jim Dale, PE, City of Austin
Robert Spillar, PE, City of Austin

Caitlin Doolin, City of Baltimore
William Johnson, City of Baltimore

Vineet Gupta, City of Boston

Bill Cowern, PE, City of Boulder
Joe Paulson, PE, PTOE, City of Boulder
Natalie Stiffler, AICP, City of Boulder

Chapin Spencer, City of Burlington

Tegin Bennett, City of Cambridge
Cara Seiderman, City of Cambridge

Judy Dellert-O’Keef, City of Charlotte
Krystel Green, City of Charlotte

Kevin O’Malley, City of Chicago
Keith Privett, City of Chicago
Nathan Roseberry, PE, T.Y. Lin
Malihe Samadi, City of Chicago
Dave Seglin, City of Chicago

Ryan Billings, City and County of Denver
Emily Snyder, City and County of Denver
Brian Welch, AICP, Regional Transportation District

El Paso
Fred Lopez, AICP, City of El Paso

Fort Lauderdale
Karen Mendrala, City of Fort Lauderdale

Susan Poliwka, City of Hoboken

Christof Spieler, Houston Metro
Jeffrey Weatherford, City of Houston

Justin Stuehrenberg, IndyGo

Los Angeles
Martha Butler, LA Metro
Zaki Mustafa, LADOT
Seleta Reynolds, LADOT

Aida Copic, AICP, Transit Authority of River City
Rolf Eisenger, City of Louisville

Arthur Ross, City of Madison
David Dryer, City of Madison

Lucy Galbraith, AICP, Metro Transit
Jennifer Hager, City of Minneapolis
John Pierce, Metro Transit

Luc Couillard, Ville de Montréal

New York
Eric Beaton, NYC DOT
Taylor Reiss Gouge, PE, NYC DOT
Chris Pangilinan, MTA
Aaron Sugiura, NYC DOT
Buckley Yung, MTA

Christine Calabrese, City of Oakland
Stephen Newhouse, AC Transit

Logan Axelson, DVRPC
Jennifer Barr, AICP, SEPTA
Mike Carroll, City of Philadelphia
Patricia Ellis, City of Philadelphia
Tanya Flint, SEPTA
Erik Johanson, SEPTA
Betsy Mastaglio, DVRPC
Andrew Stober, City of Philadelphia
Ema Yamamoto, City of Philadelphia

Jenny Grote, PE, PTOE, City of Phoenix
Mark Melnychenko, City of Phoenix
Eileen Yazzie, City of Phoenix

Andrew Dash, City of Pittsburgh
Patrick Roberts, City of Pittsburgh

Ben Baldwin, TriMet
Teresa Boyle, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Peter Koonce, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Ken Zatarain, TriMet

Ari Fernando Valerdi Moroni, IMPLAN City of Puebla

San Diego
Linda Marabian, City of San Diego

San Francisco
Peter Albert, SFMTA
Jamie Parks, SFMTA
Britt Tanner, SFMTA
Dustin White, SFMTA

Salt Lake City
Becka Roolf, Salt Lake City
Julianne Sabula, Salt Lake City

San José
Zahi Khattab, City of San José
Lauren Ledbetter, VTA

Bill Bryant, City of Seattle
Paulo Nuñes-Ueno, City of Seattle

Jennifer Molina, City of Somerville

Justin Bak, City of Toronto
David Kuperman, City of Toronto

Vancouver, BC
Dale Bracewell, City of Vancouver
Neal Peacocke, City of Vancouver

Ventura, CA
Derek Towers, City of Ventura

Washington, DC
Jamie Carrington, AICP, WMATA
Jim Hamre, WMATA
Sam Zimbabwe, DDOT


David Bragdon, TransitCenter
Alan Danaher, PE, PTOE, AICP, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Chris Hart, Member, US Access Board
Andy Kosinski, PE, Fehr & Peers
Stephanie Lotshaw, TransitCenter
Megan Mittman, AICP, Fehr & Peers
Andres Ramirez, OmniTrans
Zach Smith, APTA
Matt Tingstrom, APTA
Shin-pei Tsay, TransitCenter
Rich Weaver, APTA

Technical Review Team

Steve Durrant, Alta Planning + Design
Nick Falbo, Alta Planning + Design
Joe Gilpin, Alta Planning + Design
Paul Ryus, PE, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Contributing Organizations

American Public Transportation Association
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Island Press
Summit Foundation