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Río Oxas

Title: Building Power Director, People for Mobility Justice
NACTO Title: Speaker, Designing Cities Conference
Río Oxas

Río was born x raised in Echo Park and has Central American roots. Río is People for Mobility Justice’s Building Power Director. As a Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) family we seed critical consciousness around Mobility Justice in all communities to ensure that everyone can move in public spaces with love and dignity. Since 2002 Río has worked across all of California and the nation on issues of mobility justice, transportation equity, food justice, healing justice, land liberation, resisting displacement and much more. Río has a Masters in Education in Social Justice & Equity and uses this pedagogical framework as a bases to inspire advocates to rise up from our communities and youth. FB: People for Mobility Justice | IG:@PeopleforMobilityJustice | Twitter: PeopleforMJ