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Meaningfully Defining, Measuring, and Addressing Equity

At its core, inequity exists when there are fundamental differences in access to opportunity. Taking the first steps to address it can be difficult and fraught, with a need to recognize power and fully acknowledge its reality and consequences.

At the most basic level: How do we define inequity? How do we measure it? And then, most importantly, how do we do something about it?

In this session, learn about LA Metro’s recently-adopted equity platform, see how it is being put into practice, and hear from local community and advocacy groups that provided input to the framework, and are pushing for more equitable outcomes as Metro constructs billions of dollars of transportation projects across a vast region.

From this frank and honest discussion, we hope to convey a blueprint for incorporating equity into your own agency’s work as we all work as transportation professionals to undo decades of barriers to mobility. Let’s not just talk about equity – let’s define and address it. See where to begin.