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Night Lights: Creative illumination strategies for the city at night

Night Lights:  Creative illumination strategies for the city at night

Cities are exciting places to live, work and play at all hours of the day and night. The role of lighting to enhance the night-time experience is critical for a holistic approach to urban design that creates vibrant, prosperous, safe and inclusive places.

Join Arup at the opening conference reception at Palm Door on 6th for an interactive demonstration exploring different types, qualities and characteristics of light to understand why some light makes us anxious while other types of light seem more beautiful and make us feel calm or happy. We will describe how visual perception changes over the course of the day and night in urban environments, and why typical lighting standards that focus on level of light rather than light quality can lead to uninviting nighttime experiences.

Towards the end of the reception, we will lead attendees on a short LightWalk back to the JW Marriott Hotel to show successes and challenges in using lighting to create inviting and lively streets, parks, plazas and other public spaces.

Interactive demo: 7:30-8:30pm at the Designing Cities opening reception, Palm Door on 6th

LightWalk: departing at 8:30pm from Palm Door on 6th to the JW Marriott


Arup Lighting and Integrated Planning

The Arup Lighting and Integrated Planning teams have a history of collaboration on projects that enhance the urban experience for all users at all times of day. Supported by Arup’s robust, multidisciplinary engineering capabilities, we design comprehensive experiences with award winning creativity, flair, and an innovative attitude. By combining our lighting expertise with urban design, cities can achieve a night-time environment that is more enjoyable, social, safe, healthy, and easy to get around.