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The Biden Administration’s Greenhouse Gas Performance Measure Increases Transparency at a Critical Time

NACTO strongly supports the Biden Administration’s pragmatic greenhouse gas emissions performance measure–which aligns transportation policy with the country’s commitment under the Paris Agreement. The measure will unify a hodgepodge of incomplete data from across the country into a unified standard, where states, MPOs, and the federal government can make informed decisions about which transportation projects to invest taxpayer dollars in to reduce climate emissions.

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The Supreme Court’s E.P.A. Decision is a Blow to the Fight Against Climate Change

NACTO is deeply concerned by today’s decision by the Supreme Court to limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to restrict power plant emissions. At a time when we need bold, aggressive action to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, this ruling severely curtails the federal government’s ability to regulate the greenhouse gas emissions that are putting our health and the future of our planet at risk.

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A Gas Tax Holiday is a Gift to Oil Companies, Not Americans

The dramatically increasing cost of vehicles, insurance, and gas underscores the urgency of shifting our transportation system away from one mode–private cars–to one where Americans have choices about how they get around. Suspending the gas tax will not provide meaningful relief for consumers–it will instead subsidize the largest and most profitable industry on the planet.

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