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Data Matters: Harnessing the IoT for Smart Mobility

From sensors to cameras to GPS probes, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible to collect an unprecedented amount of mobility data to better understand our streets and to move people along our streets more efficiently. Chicago is home to one of the largest deployment of video cameras in the world and this tour will walk along Michigan Ave, Roosevelt Rd, State St, and Wacker Dr, four major streets in downtown Chicago, to see how the City is collecting data and directing mobility through automated systems. WalkShop participants will first see the impressive Array of Things, the City’s urban sensing project that collects real-time data on the environment, infrastructure, and activity for public and research use. Participants will also see advanced traffic signal controllers, video detection cameras, and multi-functional video cameras that monitor traffic volumes, speed and occupancy. Finally, hear form City staff on the successes and challenges of Chicago’s automated red light camera and speed enforcement cameras.

Mode: Walking