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Designing Cities 2020: Registration


Steps to Register:

  1. Choose: Viewer or Participant
  2. If Participant, sign up starting:
    – Oct. 6: BIPOC, Latine/x, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities
    – Oct. 13: Women, young professionals, small private sector firms (<50 employees)
    – Oct. 20: All identities (open to all)
  3. If Participant, join a Discussion Cohort (or not) and sign up for specific sessions
  4. Get ready for NACTO Camp!
  5. Stay tuned to your email

And later on, starting December 7, sign up for NACTO Camp sessions.

Got that? Keep reading for full info.

Five Steps to Register

① Will you attend as a Viewer or a Participant?

NACTO 2020 Viewer vs Participant Table

Sign up as Viewer Sign up as Participant

No registration is required for the Viewer track, but sign up for email updates to get alerts on keynote broadcast details and event recordings.

Registered Participants will have access to different flavors of opt-in interactive programming, paced out over several days (pdf). The Participant track is most appropriate for people who can commit to at least 2-3 schedule blocks (beyond the keynote programming).

Having trouble deciding? We have a whole FAQ on that. Read our thinking on who we think will get the most value out of each track. And remember to sign up as a Viewer or a Participant!

② Attending as a Participant? Here’s when you can register.

NACTO is committed to ensuring that historically underrepresented transportation practitioners have access to the interactive networking and learning at Designing Cities 2020. In that spirit, we are giving a head start to some groups by opening registration in phases, based on the identity of the Participant.

  1. Beginning Oct 6: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color), Latine/x, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities
  2. Beginning Oct 13: Women, young professionals, small private sector firms (under 50 employees)
  3. Beginning Oct 20: Full open registration (All identities)

These phases apply to all registration categories (NACTO members, Private Sector, Non-member Public/Nonprofit Sectors, Students). Registration provides interactive access to the overall Designing Cities 2020 experience.

③ You’re registered! Will you join a Discussion Cohort?

One of the most enriching aspects of Designing Cities is meeting fellow professionals who can relate to your challenges as well as offer new perspectives. These are relationships that make your convening experience more meaningful, and may even extend after the meeting into building your pool of peers and mentors.

Without physical hallways or lunch tables, this sort of connection is still possible but requires some extra planning. By opting into Discussion Cohorts, you will participate in several small group sessions (with professional facilitation support) that allow you to “travel” with a consistent set of people over the course of Designing Cities. Cohorts will be grouped according to Participant preferences (indicated during registration) along lines of racial, gender, and professional identities.

Register by Tuesday, October 27 to join this experience at no additional cost. Note that we can accommodate up to 500 people in Discussion Cohorts, so spaces may fill before this date.

④ Get ready for NACTO Camp!

Nobody knows everything. Everybody knows something. Together we know a lot. This is especially applicable as multiple crises upend our professional playbooks. In this spirit, we’re reviving a Designing Cities tradition! In this NACTO member-driven “unconference,” NACTO Camp session topics and activities are proposed by registered attendees at the beginning of the Designing Cities 2020 Virtual Convening. The NACTO Camp format responds to your requests for space to solve specific, urgent issues facing your agencies right now.

Staff at NACTO member agencies should start your brains churning for ideas to submit. Did a recent NACTO webinar spur an unanswered question? Do you want to show off (and see other examples of) improvements built in 2020? Would you just really like to meet up with other transportation professionals in your specialty or geographic region?

Note that NACTO Camp session hosts will have discretion to invite additional registered or non-registered co-hosts/presenters. So also be thinking about whether there are other perspectives you’d like to bring into your conversation.

We strongly encourage hosts to design NACTO Camp sessions that center small tactical or peer networking discussions (including larger sessions that use small breakout groups), and to steer away from long presentations or complex online meeting mechanics. Our forthcoming Guide to NACTO Camp will offer more guidance soon; in the meantime draw inspiration from our friends who organize TransportationCamp.

⑤ Stay tuned to your email.

This virtual convening format is new, and we won’t all be in the same (physical) space. Stay tuned to your email for instructions, updates, links, and everything else you’ll need to get the most out of Designing Cities 2020.

Later On

November: Sign up for Workshops

NACTO will open workshop sign up to all registered Participants beginning in early November. These are included in registration at no additional cost, though each workshop will have capacity limits to allow for an interactive experience. Some sessions may offer a virtual overflow room where additional registered Participants can view the workshop live.

Modify your registration to sign up for workshops >>

December: Sign up for NACTO Camp

NACTO members in the Participant track will be invited to submit NACTO Camp session ideas at the beginning of Designing Cities. Midway through the virtual convening we will finalize the session slate based on member Participant priorities, and post sign up links for each member-hosted session. Sessions may have capacity limits to ensure an interactive experience.

Modify your registration to sign up for NACTO Camp sessions >>

Still having trouble deciding?

We have a whole FAQ for that. Read on to see our thinking on who should attend!

Refund Policy

Registration fees will be refunded if a request is received in writing no later than Monday, November 16, 2020. NACTO reserves the right to charge a 20% cancellation fee. Please email [email protected] with your registration reference number for refund requests.

Still have questions?

Email [email protected].