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Designing Cities 2020: Registration FAQ

This year, Designing Cities has two tracks: Viewer and Participant

NACTO 2020 Viewer vs Participant Table

Who should register for the Participant track?

The Designing Cities 2020 Virtual Convening is intended for transportation professionals who are able to make a commitment to live attendance at a few hours of hands-on, participant-centered programming. While we do not expect attendees to join us every day during all programming slots, we do ask you to be respectful of our limited capacity and only sign up if you can commit to an interactive presence during at least 2-3 schedule blocks (beyond the keynote programming).

We especially encourage you to register for the Participant track if you’re really excited by programming like:

  • NACTO Camp: We’re reviving a Designing Cities tradition! In this NACTO member-driven “unconference,” session topics and activities are proposed by registered attendees at the beginning of the Designing Cities 2020 Virtual Convening. The NACTO Camp format responds to many requests for space to solve specific, urgent issues facing your agencies right now.
  • Expert-led workshops and sponsored demos: Through design charrettes, skills-based training, case study presentations, product demonstrations and more, catch up on transportation best practices and innovations.
  • Discussion Cohorts: Opt-in to professionally-facilitated sessions immediately following each keynote. These will be spaces to connect with a small group of peers, and build the skills to process the tremendous loss and uncertainty that we are all experiencing in transportation work and day-to-day life.
  • Wellness and social programming: Sponsors and NACTO Camp hosts will offer a creative array of programming for joy and connection during these tough times. Programming may include wellness programming like yoga and meditation, live performances, and themed social time (Who will be the first to propose Beers with Engineers at NACTO Camp?)

Do I need approval from my agency to register for Designing Cities 2020?

This will vary based on your agency procedures, and should be handled internally. NACTO has recommended that each member agency have a single internal point person if it is necessary to vet and approve Designing Cities attendance as a Participant.

Note that even if you are not able to attend as a Participant, the Viewer option is available at no cost for live and post-event viewing.

Who should pass on the interactive Participant track registration?

The Viewer track is available for people who are not interested in or able to commit to an interactive presence at Designing Cities 2020.

Are you only interested in the keynotes?: A digital event means we’re live streaming the keynote sessions for free this year! Sign up for the Designing Cities updates list to be sure to get the livestream links and reminders.

Do you dislike interacting with people online?: It’s quite alright to be an introvert, and we’ve designed Designing Cities 2020 to be welcoming to people who prefer smaller group conversations. But this experience isn’t for you if talking to new people online isn’t your jam these days (Seriously, we get it). Most sessions will involve tapping the collective expertise of all attendees; this only works if you’re a willing contributor.

NACTO has produced and will continue to create dozens of hours of free webinars and tons of written guides that you can listen to and read from the comfort of your own desk (or wherever you’re working these days).

Do you have a volatile schedule?: We know this is a really hectic, unpredictable time for many of us. If your daily schedule is a mystery every morning, please save a Participant track registration slot for someone who can commit some time to this experience. Know that even if you aren’t registered for the Designing Cities 2020 interactive Participant track, you won’t miss out:

  • In addition to streaming and posting the keynotes, some additional sessions may be recorded for free post-event viewing.
  • NACTO members signed up for peer network and agency director listservs will be invited to some members-only meetings during Designing Cities.
  • Registered NACTO-member Participants may invite non-registered attendees to contribute expertise to a specific NACTO Camp session as a co-host or discussion partner.
  • NACTO staff and sponsors may invite non-registered attendees as co-presenters for specific Workshop or Demo sessions.

Still have questions?

Email [email protected].