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Transportation Response Center: NACTO Resources

From March-August 2020, NACTO produced webinars, video and audio recordings, and newsletters that highlighted emerging practices and themes in city and transit agencies’ responses to COVID-19. Audiovisual resources are organized by Rapid Response strategy, newsletters are linked at the bottom of the page.

  • Maintain transportation systems to safely move essential workers and goods
  • Keep front-line workers safe, and actively manage and support both operational and remote office workforces
  • Address immediate delivery & pick-up needs
  • Relieve crowded areas (i.e. parks and narrow sidewalks) to support health department guidance for physical distancing
  • Create clear messaging of city policies and guidelines

Speed Management on Silent Streets: Tools & Tactics for Reducing Speeds
As motor vehicle travel drops and speeding rises from shelter in place order, cities are promoting safety on their streets by reducing speed limits, retiming signals, and turning real-time data into powerful anti-speeding messages. (5/1/2020)

Essential Movement: Building Temporary Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic radically shifts travel patterns for essential workers and the general public, cities around the world are looking to temporary bike and pedestrian facilities as integral parts of their COVID response and recovery strategies. (5/14/2020)

Equitable Public Engagement in Transportation Budgets

As COVID-19 disrupts city budgets and public engagement strategies, how can governments involve community stakeholders in making tough decisions together? (8/20/2020)

Avoiding Gridlock: Strategies to Keep Cities Moving in a Pandemic & Beyond

As cities begin to reopen, how can they use expanded micromobility, congestion pricing, and transit priority measures to avoid increased congestion and gridlock? (9/3/2020)

Thinking Outside the Box: Urban Freight & Delivery During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic prompts a dramatic increase in the volume of deliveries moving across city streets, cities and businesses must innovate to manage new demands for curb space while keeping people safe. (6/4/2020)

Leadership in Times of Crisis, Episode 1
Katie Miller, of Left Lane Advisors, shares three tips for leadership in a time of crisis.
Leadership in Times of Crisis, Episode 2
Katie Miller, of Left Lane Advisors, shares advice on managing a remote workforce.

City Streets during Coronavirus: a Public Health Perspective

Dr. Keshia Pollack Porter, a nationally-recognized epidemiologist and expert in the connections between the built environment and public health, and Janette Sadik-Khan, a leading voice on urban transportation policy, discuss how street design and policy can support public health goals during the coronavirus emergency. (4/15/2020)

Slow, Shared, and Safe: Closing Streets to Thru-Traffic During the Coronavirus

As shelter-in-place orders are extended and social distancing depletes available sidewalk space, cities are grappling with how, or if, they should temporarily limit vehicle traffic on some streets to allow people to safely be outside and make essential trips while remaining at least 6’ apart. (4/22/2020)

Eulois Cleckley, Denver: Denver Temporary Recreation Streets (T-RECS)

Eulois Cleckley, Executive Director of the Denver Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI), discusses how the city closed some stretches of streets to thru-traffic to provide people additional room to get outside for a walk, bike ride or fresh air. (4/29/2020)

Streateries: Creating Space for Physical Distance at Restaurants

As lockdown orders start to ease and businesses begin to re-open, a growing number of cities are reimagining the street as a place for outdoor eating, allowing restaurants to make up for lost indoor seating capacity with outside tables. (5/22/2020)

Rethinking School Streets in the Time of COVID-19

Given public health concerns around physical distancing, how are cities and school districts around the world rethinking the ways they can use streets to get kids safely to and from school and nurture play, learning, and social engagement in this new global reality? (9/9/2020)

Community Engagement During COVID-19

In the age of physical distancing—with whole sectors of society abruptly online—how can city staff pursue equitable community engagement to promote public health and other goals? (4/23/2020)

Transportation Response Center Newsletters

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