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Speed Management on Silent Streets: Tools & Tactics for Reducing Speeds

Over the past 6 weeks, motor vehicle travel has dropped by 70% to 90% in North American cities, and speeding has worsened considerably. Cities report the prevalence of high-end speeders spiking on both highways and streets, and, while the total number of crashes has decreased in many places, the crashes that do occur are more likely to be fatal because of increased speed. To keep people safe, cities are responding with a variety of speed management strategies and sustained Vision Zero efforts. Hear from leading staff in Minneapolis, San José, Los Angeles, and Seattle to learn how their cities are retiming signals to disincentive speeding, reducing speed limits, and turning real-time data into powerful anti-speeding messages.

Jesse Mintz-Roth, San José DOT
Kathleen Mayell & Allan Klugman, Minneapolis DPW
Brian Dougherty, Seattle DOT
Connie Llanos, LADOT

This webinar is a resource of the NACTO COVID-19 Transportation Response Center, part of Bloomberg Philanthropies COVID-19 Local Response Initiative.