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Workshop: Motivating Teams Through Strong Leadership

Inspiring and motivating people is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles in any organization. Strong leaders are able to build trust-based teams, hold staff accountable toward productivity, gain commitment, manage teams through healthy conflict, and prevent burnout. There is a powerful and effective way to do all of this and create meaningful relationships with staff all at the same time! The recipe for success includes a mixture of:

– asking powerful questions
– building resonance around job and performance expectations
– understanding your staff’s values and thinking styles
– defining a clear core ideology around why you exist and how you behave as a team
– establishing clear expectations

During this interactive and informative workshop, you will learn a set of tools for leadership and management success. You will learn how to support overcoming burnout, triangulation, and dissonance. And, you will have the opportunity to practice having difficult conversations with one another so that you walk out confident to use the tools provided.

Fee: $175; includes breakfast
3.0 credit hours