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Getting the Most from Your Data: Using Project Evaluations to Bolster Public Support

Success begets success. Communicating the success of past projects is critical to buildings support for new ones. Collecting high-quality data on the performance of a project, from metrics to photos, is one of the most impactful tools cities have for showing the results of their efforts.

In this session, learn what data to start collecting now, before a project is in the ground, and how to build a communications strategy around the measured success of your city’s projects.

Data helps tell a story. But what story do you want to tell? SFMTA staff will share a framework for thinking about what type of evaluation will help achieve your goals at the outset of a project or program, and will provide examples of how SFMTA project managers have used results to move projects over the hump to implementation. NYC DOT transformed how data reached the public in New York City, helping to enable the rollout of hundreds of miles of initiatives. In Auckland, with one of the highest ownership of cars per capita in the world, capturing, documenting, and recording the before-and-after story of projects has built the confidence and capacity of the city to continue building innovative solutions in the city’s public realm.