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Smarter Streets, Smarter Cities

Smarter, More Engaged Public Environments

Technology and mobile devices allow us to be more connected not only to one another but the places we live, work and visit.  They also allow us to be more informed than ever before.  The extent of this technological ecosystem in our cities is rarely evident on the ground in the streets and public spaces where we experience civic life.  How are cities leveraging our connectedness and the pervasiveness of technology in city life to better manage our streets, inform us of how we are using resources, or entertain us with artistic expressions that create interactive built environments?  How can the provision of real time information improve the user experience or influence the decisions we make? What are the key obstacles to implementation and which strategies are making our cities more digital, smarter and more engaging?  Learn from cities that have developed and implemented smart systems to manage travel demand, create new user experiences, and change the way we experience and use our cities.