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Bike Share for All

Since 2010, over 55 bike share systems have opened across the country, and riders have taken more than 100 million trips.  With this growth comes the need to make sure that bike share is both successful and sustainable, as well as accessible to all community members, regardless of their race or income.  In almost all cases, what’s good for one is also good for the other.  This panel will provide lessons from NACTO and the Better Bike Share Partnership about what makes for equitable bike share, and will drill down into the work Memphis is doing to ensure that their forthcoming system will add a useful new transportation options for all city residents.

Ted Graves, Program Manager, Bike Share Initiative, NACTO
Sara Studdard, Explore Bike Share
Dawn Vinson, Explore Bike Share

This panel is part of the APBP 2017 Professional Development Seminar