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Designing Cities 2020: NACTO and Sponsor Library

Designing Cities 2020: Virtual Convening


Learn more about AARP’s Livable Communities by clicking on the resources linked below:

AARP Livable Communities’ Livable Library page

AARP Livable Communities’ Newsletter subscriber page

AARP Public Policy Institute’s Future of Transportation website


Learn more about Alta Planning + Design by clicking on the resources linked below:

Alta Brand Refresh Video

Recently released Quick Build Guide (in partnership with CalBike)

Recently released White Paper and Presentation on Corner Design


Learn more about Cities Reimagined by clicking on the resources linked below:

Cities Reimagined Website

Introduction to Civic Design

The Community Canvas


Learn more about Daimler’s Urban Mobility Solutions team below:

Daimler is passionate about cities, and we’ve created a team specifically dedicated to making them more livable. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about dotMaps by clicking on the resources linked below:

dotMaps Explainer Video

dotMaps One Sheet

Seattle Forbes Article


Learn more about Eco-Counter by clicking on the resources linked below:

“Eco-Counter bike count dashboard – tracking the impact of the pandemic in bike counts across North America and around the world”

“How to start a bike count program – an Eco-Counter quick-start guide (2019)”

“The world’s favorite bike and pedestrian count display”


Learn more about Electric Avenue by clicking on the resources linked below:

Electric Avenue Website


Learn more about Fehr & Peers by clicking on the resources linked below:

Safety Plans & Strategies
Creating safety plans and strategies in partnership with our clients means identifying data-driven improvements that are both responsive and proactive in equitably addressing safety across a community. Here we help clients unpack, understand, and plan to undertake these complex efforts and initiatives, such as Local Roadway Safety Plans (LRSPs), Systemic Safety Analysis Reports (SSARs), and Vision Zero plans.

Travel Demand & Covid-19
TrendLab+ 2020, our new tool for forecasting short and medium-term effects of the pandemic on vehicle travel and transit ridership. We designed this tool to identify how various factors have and will affect travel demand, including factors such as willingness to share, levels of goods and services delivery, amounts of remote work, economic activity, and land use patterns, among others.

VMT & California Senate Bill 743
Helping California lead agencies understand the SB 743 shift from measuring the impact on drivers to measuring the impact of driving. Here we provide guidance and resources to help break down the complexity by outlining critical steps and choices for agencies as they plan their path to conversion.

Learn more about Ford by clicking on the resources linked below:

CityTalks Podcasts

Safety Insights

Learn more about IBI Group by clicking on the resources linked below:

IBI Group is a global architecture, engineering, planning, and technology firm, and a proud leader in the emerging application of technology in the design and planning of Smart Cities and Smart Communities. Learn more at

CurbIQ is a curbside management software product by IBI Group, and is developed by its parking and curbside management experts, who understand the needs of curbside users and the challenges they face. Learn more at

Travel-IQ is a powerful traveller information and event management tool that transportation agencies use to keep commuters informed, managing congestion, incidents and roadwork in real-time. Learn more at


Learn more about Island Press below and receive 20% and free shipping on NACTO guide books.

Island Press began with a simple idea: knowledge is power—the power to imagine a better future and find ways for getting us there. Founded in 1984, Island Press’ mission is to provide the best ideas and information to those seeking to understand and protect the environment and create solutions to its complex problems. We elevate voices of change, shine a spotlight on crucial issues, and focus attention on sustainable solutions.

Island Press is the publisher of the NACTO guide books, and those books and other related titles are available for 20% off and free shipping from

Learn more about Knight Foundation by clicking on the resources linked below:

Knight Foundation Website


Learn more about Motional by clicking on the resources linked below:

Consumer Mobility Report

Motional Official Website


Learn more about NACTO by clicking on the resources linked below:

City Limits

COVID-19: Transportation Response Center

Designing Streets for Kids

Shared Micromobility in the US: 2019

Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery

Clcik here for 20% + free shipping on NACTO Design Guides at Island Press


Learn more about Nelson\Nygaard by clicking on the resources linked below:

Watch: Where’s the Problem? Using Web-based Dashboard to Visualize Bus Speed and Reliability Data

Nelson\Nygaard’s Materials Library for NACTO 2020


Learn more about by clicking on the resources linked below.

Watch: Inter-jurisdictional traffic management in Denver South

How Road Agencies and Transportation Officials Can Tackle Covid-Related Traffic Issues (Whitepaper) product sheet (PDF)

One platform to coordinate and communicate road interruptions (Video)

Learn more about Populus by clicking on the resources linked below:

A Practical Guide to Mobility Data Sharing and Cities

Curb and Mobility Management: A New Report on the Role of Pricing, Incentives, and Data for Improving Curbside Management in Cities

Street Planning During Uncertain Times:vHow Cities Are Making Bold Decisions To Prioritize Cyclists And Pedestrians

Learn more about Ride Report by clicking on the resources linked below:

One Pager: Ride Report Overview

Webinar: Data Privacy & Equity

White paper: 4 ways cities can put mobility data to work


Learn more about Sam Schwartz by clicking on the resources linked below:

Global Mobility Response to COVID-19
This research project draws together global best-practices for response and recovery interventions based on time frame, type, and transportation category.

Public Transit and COVID-19 Pandemic
This report for the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) analyzes the latest scientific evidence on how the virus spreads, ridership and infection rates in multiple U.S. cities, and the effectiveness of various mitigation measures for controlling viral spread. It also serves as a comprehensive compendium of steps transit agencies can take to keep workers and riders safe.

Stories that move you. Each week, Sam Schwartz’s newsletter delivers fresh perspectives on how urban planning, engineering, and design can meet the challenges of this critical moment. Plus, we round up essential transportation news from across the country and around the world.

Learn more about Saris Infrastructure by clicking on the resources linked below:

Watch: eCargo Demo

Saris NACTO 2020 Conference Experience

Learn more about SmithGroup by clicking on the resources linked below:

Advancing More Equitable Community Engagement Before, During and After COVID-19

ASU College Ave. Streetscape

Uptown United: Argyle Street & Broadway Street Study


Learn more about Snowflake by clicking on the resources linked below:

Snowflake Website


Learn more about Transoft Solutions by clicking on the resources linked below:

AQCESSRAMP Curb Ramp Design Landing Page

Transoft Product Overview Landing Page

Traffic Safety & Analysis Video


Learn more about Waze by clicking on the resources linked below:

Intro to Waze for Cities & Waze Carpool – Learn why 1,600 agencies across the globe partner with Waze.

Waze Carpool Fact Sheet: Waze Carpool is peer-to-peer carpool platform that matches people who are already driving with each other to reduce traffic, and help meet your sustainability goals.

Waze for Cities Fact Sheet: A free two-way data exchange program for governments. Governments get the ability to receive data from Waze and to share information with drivers in their communities.


Learn more about Zicla by clicking on the resources linked below:

Find more about our Zebra® family products and our Vectorial® and Zipper® system solutions on our webpage

ZICLA´s: Why? How? What?


Learn more about Zipcar by clicking on the resources linked below:

Zipcar Impact Report

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