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Case Study

High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) for pedestrian crossing of major streets, over 90 locations, Tucson, AZ

City: Tucson
State: AZ
Associated Publication: Urban Bikeway Design Guide

The High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) beacon for bicyclist and pedestrian traffic was pioneered in Tucson, AZ and has been successfully installed at over ninety intersections throughout the city since 2004. Field studies conducted throughout the city have demonstrated improvements in safety and motorist behavior at intersections with HAWK signals and recently led MUTCD to incorporate these into their design manual.  Signals have been prioritized at intersections with a high frequency of pedestrian crashes, including those near schools, shopping areas, and universities. While the HAWK has not been specifically tailored toward cyclists in Tucson, this signal is currently utilized for major bicycle crossings elsewhere in the country. The unit cost for each HAWK is $100,000, significantly cheaper than bicycle signal heads.