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Walkshop: Two Communities, Two Bridges, Connected by Bikes

Walkshop: Two Communities, Two Bridges, Connected by Bikes

Boston and Cambridge have been peering at each other over the Charles River for three hundred years. First, horse carriages and later trains plied over the bridges connecting the two cities. Now, the bridges are evolving again, as the cities work to provide safe passage for people on bikes and connect their bike networks.

On this bike tour, we’ll ride from the conference center to the Charles River and follow the region’s most popular cycling route through the Charles River Esplanade. We’ll discuss how the cities have worked together to improve cycling conditions, even though the bridges are owned by state agencies. We’ll cross the Longfellow Bridge, and pause to learn how the cities and advocates improved the reconstruction of the centuries-old bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The route back on the Cambridge side of the river will pass the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Bridge (Mass Ave Bridge), on which a separated bicycle lane is being planned to connect the area to Boston’s existing bike network.

This Walkshop is sponsored by Ford.

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