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Workshop: Engagement Strategies & Practice

Planning with rather than for communities is the foundation of an equitable transportation framework, and meaningful pre-project engagement is often the difference between the life and death of big projects. Displacement, cultural competency, and legacies of segregation and disinvestment has heightened the call for broadening transportation beyond “checking the box” to realize the transformative potential of community-involved processes.

This workshop will discuss what it looks like to go beyond the standard town hall approach to engaging your community, and why it matters. From lessons learned in building out a city-led engagement program, to techniques for developing relationships and leveraging local expertise, the goal of this workshop is to make connections between community needs and policy decisions to realize the challenges and opportunities planners face in adopting a more inclusive practice.

This interactive workshop will employ a “choose your own adventure” style role playing game where we’ll move through a series of scenarios that explore the intersections of community needs, government policy and impact on stakeholders. Come in with an open mind and leave with ideas, resources, and next steps for working with the public in bold new ways.

Fee: $175; includes breakfast
3.0 credit hours