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Harnessing Self-Driving Vehicles: Actions to Take Today for Better Cities Tomorrow

The first self-driving vehicles are already on the street, picking up passengers, carrying freight, and sometimes crashing. As William Gibson said, “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” The transition from horse and buggy to motorcars reshaped our cities, and the age of autonomous vehicles will as well. Passively waiting to see what automakers deliver is inadequate. Designers, planners, and city leaders need to take action today to harness the remarkable capabilities of self-driving vehicles, and restrain their potential to send us galloping down the road toward further sprawl, pollution and social inequality. Leaders in transportation planning and the city design will share the specific actions, policies and strategies they are taking now, and how those could be applied to cities from Savannah to São Paulo to Stockholm.

This event is part of the 26th annual Congress for the New Urbanism. Read more about this panel and the entire conference here

Event Speakers

Alex Engel, Program Manager, Communications & Special Projects, NACTO

Patrick Siegman, Nelson/Nygaard

Catherine Ciaro

Michael Lim

Art Pearce