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Making the Most of 5 Square Miles: Culver City Walking Tour

At just 5 square miles, CulverCity is has a distinct identity in the midst of the Los Angeles Megapolis. Historically rooted in the film studios that first spurt growth in the City, Culver City is quickly reinventing itself into a transit-oriented community with varying densities and architecture styles from Renaissance Revival–style historic buildings to Owen Mills’ Post Modern Architecture in Hayden Tract to low-density single-family housing. This variation in density and land-use creates unique mobility challenges for a City aiming to expand mobility options.

Explore Downtown Culver City, Hayden tract, SRTS affiliated schools and neighborhood pedestrian safety infrastructure on foot with the city officials, residents, and advocates to discuss planning and designing infrastructure for small cities in larger urban landscapes.


Sanjana Mada, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator, Department of Public Works, City of Culver City


Charles D. Herbertson, Public Works Director/City Engineer
Diana Chang, Transportation Planning Manager
Jim Shanman, Safe Routes To School (SRTS) Coordinator