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Follow the River: Taylor Yard and Los Angeles River Revitalization

Everyone knows the LA River. You may remember the large, trapezoid-shaped concrete river bed, topped with rows of high voltage power lines from such films as Grease and Terminator II. Channelized mostly in the 1930s, the once meandering LA River is experiencing a rebirth. Agencies up and down the river are working to bring nature and people back to the river. On this WalkShop, see two parcels – one owned by the City of Los Angeles, and one by the State of California – that were purchased under the vision of the LA River Revitalization Master Plan. Today, one section is under remediation, and the other is host to numerous public art features, camping nights, cultural events, and runs. Bonus: we’ll start at neighborhood favorite, Salazar’s, just across the Fletcher Drive historic bridge.

This WalkShop is sponsored by WSP


Michael Affeldt, LARiverWorks Director, Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles


Michael Drennan, P.E., Vice President, WSP
Arturo Chavez, Chief of Staff, Office of Councilmember, Gil Cedillo, 1st District, Los Angeles City Council
Katie Doherty, P.E., Civil Engineer, Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering
Nur Malhis, M.S., P.E., Project Manager/Civil Engineer, Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering
Darrell Buxton, Chief Civil Works Branch, Los Angeles District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Jon Christensen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Senior Fellow, Journalist-in-Residence, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
Sean Woods, Superintendent, Los Angeles Sector, California State Parks
Julia Meltzer, Director, Clockshop Ken Bernstein, Principal City Planner and Manager, Office of Historic Resources, Department of City Planning, City of Los Angeles
Carolina T Hernandez, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer, Los Angeles County Public Works
Christine Peters, Policy Director, Office of Councilmember, Mitch O’Farrell, 13th District, Los Angeles City Council
Brian Baldauf, Project Manager, Urban Projects & Watershed Planning, Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority
Sarah Rascon, Urban River Program Officer, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
Abbass Vajar, P.E., Transportation Engineer, Los Angeles DOT
Laurie Winston, Owner, Spoke Cafe
Stephen Mejia-Carranza, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Friends of the Los Angeles River