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Chinatown: Walkability, Porosity, and Icons

Rife with cultural and historic motifs and iconic architecture, Chinatown is also distinct because of the neighborhood’s walkability and porosity. Explore how Chinatown’s development and site planning has resulted over time in a series of buildings that seamlessly connect through a network of mid-block crosswalks, courtyard plazas, pedestrian paths, and alleys. We’ll discuss how these conditions within Chinatown can be replicated and leveraged to improve connectivity to its neighboring districts, and also learn about how the update to the Downtown Community Plan and Connect US Action Plan will seek to leverage public improvements such as esplanades and bicycle infrastructure to strengthen pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between communities, destinations, and public transit.


Brittany Arceneaux, Los Angeles Department of City Planning

Veena Snehansh,  Los Angeles Department of City Planning


Eugene W. Moy, Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
Sissy Trinh, Southeast Asian Community Alliance