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NACTO Webinar – Curb Your Enthusiasm: Managing High-Demand Curbside Passenger Loading Zones

NACTO Webinar – Curb Your Enthusiasm: Managing High-Demand Curbside Passenger Loading Zones

With an increased demand for curbside space—for parking, loading, deliveries, turn pockets, and other uses—cities across North America are recognizing the value of their curbsides as flexible zones that can vary along a corridor or throughout the day to accommodate a variety of needs.

The increase in for-hire vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs in particular has dramatically increased demand for curbside loading zones in some areas. Curbsides become especially congested and hotly contested in vibrant areas near bars, restaurants, and clubs; near sports venues; or along other high-demand corridors.

Leading cities like Washington D.C. and San Francisco are finding ways to manage curbs to avoid compounding congestion. Hear from experts in these cities about how they have begun using flexible curbsides to make dedicated room for for-hire-vehicles where and when demand is highest.

See a short documentary about the importance of curbside management here.

This webinar is part of a continued conversation on curbside management, following the release of NACTO’s newest whitepaper, “Curb Appeal: Curbside Management Strategies for Improving Transit Reliability.” 

NACTO and ITE have been partnering to create guidance on curbside management:

Please take the ITE/NACTO Curbside Management Agency Survey, and attend our related curbside management session at TRB.

As we were unable to respond to all questions during the Question & Answer portion of the webinar, please find a document with responses to all unanswered questions here.