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Move! That! Bus! 2022 Transit Discussion Series

Move! That! Bus! 2022 Transit Discussion Series

Reducing emissions and transforming transit in two years.

The UN’s global scientific body recently found that we have less than three years to avert catastrophic climate change. Fortunately, the same 800+ leading climate scientists also agree that cities have a seemingly humble yet powerful tool at their disposal: the bus.

Accessible, frequent, and reliable bus service is the fastest way to take cars off the road, encourage more riders to take transit, and cut transportation emissions. With smart service planning and strategic investments to city streets, bus service can be improved quickly with almost immediate ridership gains and emissions reductions.

Over the next five months, NACTO’s virtual discussion series will explore how we can Move! That! Bus! Starting in May 2022, join NACTO and practitioners from cities and transit agencies, public policy makers, advocates, and riders, as we dig deep into the strategies and tools cities can use to transform their transit systems, expand access, reduce carbon emissions, and make our cities better places for all. 

Register for sessions below, and keep checking this page as new events are added.

Life in the Bus Lane: A Conversation on Quick-Build Bus Priority and Design
Tuesday, May 10, 2-3:45pm ET / 11am – 12:45pm PT

Redesigning city streets to get buses out of slow traffic is one of the most effective ways to improve reliability and win back the trust of riders. By painting bus lanes and fixing pain points at intersections, cities and transit agencies quickly changed the game for buses during the pandemic, making 2021 the year of the bus lane. This public session will outline how to “move that bus” and showcase the design toolkits and strategies that helped Boston, Portland, and San Francisco scale their bus priority programs to deliver better transit service.

TDM for DOT & Transit Agency Practitioners: Engagement, Messaging & Implementation
Thursday, May 12, 2-3:30pm ET / 11am – 12:30pm PT

Driving less reduces transportation emissions, yet in many North American cities, cutting down on driving is anything but simple for many people. Join NACTO for an overview and discussion on the most effective transportation demand management (TDM) strategies for expanding access to safe and efficient alternatives to driving. This public, facilitated panel discussion, will explore how to engage with the community, the importance of messaging, and strategies for successful program implementation.

Service Strategies: How to Make the Most of Every Operating Dollar*
Wednesday, May 18, 2-4pm ET / 11am – 1pm PT

It takes a village (and a sustainable funding source) to deliver fast, frequent, and reliable bus service. This session will highlight the most impactful transit initiatives for growing ridership and curbing emissions and will explore what YOU can do to make them a reality in your city. Hear directly from the advocates behind transit campaigns in Cincinnati and Atlanta and the corresponding city and transit agency staff implementing network changes and bus rapid transit (BRT) projects in this public, facilitated panel discussion.

*This event is only open to staff in NACTO member and partner agencies. Registration is capped at 75 to keep the workshop as interactive as possible. Please register in advance if you plan to attend.