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Global Designing Cities Initiative

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The Global Designing Cities Initiative is a program of NACTO. Launched in 2014, NACTO-GDCI inspires a shift toward safe, sustainable, and healthy cities through transforming streets.

Made up of a team of designers, planners, and urban strategists, this program supports city practitioners around the world to help them design and implement street safety redesign projects. NACTO-GDCI focuses on empowering local officials and communities to become changemakers, equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and tactics needed to improve urban mobility and fundamentally change the role of streets in our cities.

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Global Street Design Guide

NACTO-GDCI’s work is informed by the strategies and international best practices captured in the Global Street Design Guide (GSDG).

Published in 2017, this resource has set a global baseline for designing streets and public spaces while redefining the role of streets in a rapidly urbanizing world. The Guide broadens how to measure the success of urban streets to include access, safety and mobility for all users, environmental quality, economic benefit, public health and overall quality of life.

Created with the input of 72 cities in 42 countries, the GSDG presents 21 street typologies and 50 unique street and intersection transformations applicable worldwide. With over 40 case studies, it shows in actionable terms how to redesign streets to put people first. From moving more people with transit lanes, to dedicating space for vibrant economic activity like street vendors, this new global toolkit is applicable to a variety of contexts worldwide.

The Guide builds on NACTO’s successful Urban Street Design Guide, Urban Bikeway Design Guide, and Transit Street Design Guide, expanding from a North American context to address a variety of street typologies and design elements found around the world.

Read the Global Street Design Guide

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Streets for Kids

Streets for Kids (SfK) is a multi-year program of NACTO’s Global Designing Cities Initiative to develop guidance and promote street designs that create safe and enjoyable streets for kids of all abilities to learn, play, and move around a city.

Learn more about NACTO-GDCI’s Streets for Kids program

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Global Focus Cities

NACTO’s Global Designing Cities Initiative provides technical assistance for road safety and public space design improvements to several cities around the globe.

Learn more about NACTO-GDCI’s Global Focus Cities