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Frank Ching

Title: Deputy Executive Officer, Countywide Planning & Development, LA Metro
NACTO Title: Speaker, Designing Cities Conference
Frank Ching

Frank has awarded the 2010 CPPA Parking Professional of the Year and the City of Santa Monica has awarded the 2011 CPPA Parking Program of the Year and the Los Angeles Metro has also awarded the 2017 CPPA Parking Program of the Year under his lead. Frank also received the National Parking Association Innovator of the Year Award in 2014. In 2018, Frank’s awarded by his agency with Innovation Award of the Year.

In 2014, Frank was recruited by LA Metro to overhaul their parking program.  Over 24,000 parking spaces spreads out in 1,400 square miles along the Los Angeles County Transit System is currently under his administration. The objective of his team is redeveloping the parking program in a comprehensively.  Frank also serves as the Board of Director and Public Council Chairman for National Parking Association. Frank has an inherent knack for knowing where the industry is headed and is always one of the first professionals to adapt to change. Frank’s aggressiveness and accomplishment not only recognized in both state and national level but also earned him recognitions for being innovative. In 2017, Frank has expanded himself with his forward innovative thinking to oversight Shared Mobility programs such as Countywide Transportation Demand Management, Metro Bike Share, Regional Rideshare Program, a Countywide Vanpool programs and along with the Countywide Transit Parking Program.  Within the first few months of his role, Frank and his team have developed new plans and different approach for Metro Bike Share program, making it further equitable, accessible and user friendly.