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Island Press Webinar – Urban Revitalization for All

This is a tale of two (kinds of) cities. First, there are the fast-growing coastal megalopolises—including Washington, DC, Seattle, and San Francisco—where an influx of millennials has spurred new investment in housing, transit, parks and other amenities. In those cities, the much celebrated urban revitalization has come at a cost: it has displaced countless long-time residents—especially people of color and those of limited means—who can no longer afford their newly gentrified neighborhoods.

Second, there are cities across the American heartland—Detroit, St. Louis and Cleveland, for example—where many neighborhoods are still waiting for their chance at revival. In those cities, residents of blighted neighborhoods suffer from disinvestment and dysfunction, caught in a downward spiral of declining value, revenue and services.

This Island Press Urban Resilience Project webinar will explore strategies to create urban revitalization for all—on the gentrifying coasts and in the still-declining rustbelt. It will explore successful strategies to boost investment without displacing less affluent residents, spotlighting innovative strategies to preserve affordable housing, create jobs, and foster racial and income diversity.

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Anthony A. Williams, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Federal City Council; Mayor, Washington, DC (1999-2007)

Alan Mallach, Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress; author of The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America

Justin Garrett Moore, Executive Director, NYC Public Design Commission; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University; Co-Founder, Urban Patch; AICP Commissioner, APA

Vivian Satterfield, Deputy Director, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon