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NACTO Webinar – Fire Trucks and Vision Zero

NACTO Webinar – Fire Trucks and Vision Zero


In many cities, twin priorities – reducing fire deaths and reducing traffic deaths – come into conflict. Often, standard North American fire trucks require street widths and turning radii that encourage speeding and create unsafe streets. Narrowly focused fire codes force fire departments to react to events, instead of preventatively stopping them. A focus on the largest vehicle, as opposed to the best vehicle for the job, limits the ability of cities to address save lives in a holistic manner.  

In this public webinar, NACTO will speak with Portland Fire Chief, Mike Meyers, about how changes to fire truck design, street design, and operational policies can improve how we fight and prevent fires. We will also hear from leading experts from the US DOT Volpe Center, Alexander Epstein and Jonah Chiarenza, about Volpe’s new research into how changes to the design of large vehicles could reduce their lethality to pedestrians and cyclists. During the webinar, we will discuss how transportation and fire departments can work together toward our common goal of improving public safety.  

This event is worth 1 AICP CM credit. 

As we were unable to respond to all questions during the Question & Answer portion of the webinar, please find a document with responses to all unanswered questions here.