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A 25 mph speed limit on urban multilane streets has demonstrable safety benefits for all users. Major streets feature a combination of high motor vehicle traffic volume, signalization of major intersections, and an inherently multimodal street environment.

If unable to set a category speed limit for all major streets, cities should conduct a Safe Speed Study for high-priority major streets on an individual basis.

Major streets are often characterized by:
> Signalized intersections
> Few, if any, all-way stop intersections
> At least two formal (marked) motor vehicle traffic lanes, and usually more
> Frequent transit stops
> Moderate to high motor vehicle volumes
> Multi-lane downtown oneway and downtown two-way streets, as well as many neighborhood main streets, multi-way boulevards, and transit boulevards as described in the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

Recommended category speed limit for Major Streets: 25 mph