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Mobility Challenge

Are you up for a Mobility Challenge?

80% of our public space is streets and sidewalks, and using them is a central part of our daily lives. But often walking, biking, taking transit, and finding our way around the city is compromised by design based on efficiency and speed instead of putting people first.

The purpose of the ‘Mobility Challenge’ is to focus on the user experience related to moving around the city. Moving around the city is not just about getting from A-B, but also about everything in between. It’s about the journey and the quality of the public realm. And more importantly it is about people!

The challenge!
Participants will travel to the same location in Downtown Seattle by different modes, each group guided by a Gehl team member. The purpose is to reflect up and discuss the quality of the journey guided by metrics developed by Gehl.

Mode 1: walking + biking.
Mode 2: walking + public transportation.
From downtown we will take a ferry together.

At our final destination we will evaluate our respective journeys in teams to share our experiences. Evaluation will be guided by Gehl-developed metrics that relate transportation to the quality of public life and public space.

This WalkShop will be led by Sofie Kvist, project manager from Gehl in San Francisco and Shin-pei Tsay, executive director of Gehl Institute.

Gehl will provide evaluation material and guide participants through the exercise. Final destination and location for sharing experiences will be at Marination Ma Kai, West Seattle, where participants will also be able to purchase lunch.

Date & Time: Thursday September 29th from 9-1pm
Meeting location: Vivace on 532 Broadway E, Capitol Hill. Introduction and morning coffee.

Gehl Map