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Festival Streets: Community Centers

Seattle’s festival streets are an ingenious hybrid design: public streets and shared environments that improve safety, comfort, and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists, but still function to support motor traffic and deliveries. More importantly, they are designed to easily close to cars and open to people for events and celebrations, which each festival street does numerous times per year!

On this tour, we’ll visit Georgetown Festival Street: one of Seattle’s newest festival streets (in one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods), and learn about this community-led project, from neighborhood and stakeholder involvement to the details of the clever project design. We’ll also get to experience the kinetic sculpture created by a local artist as part of the project, which gets great use during the activation and programming of the space.

Most of all, we’ll learn the tricks and details from the project designers that created a space with a traffic-calmed environment, that can then seamlessly transform into a community gathering hub.

Otak       Fehr & Peers 
This WalkShop is supported by Otak and Fehr & Peers.