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Delivering Better Projects Quicker: From Project to Process

Going from the status quo to better streets requires more than just knowing best practices; it requires crystal clear processes, and well-understood goals. By integrating policy goals into the design process, cities can streamline the implementation of highly-functioning streets. In other words, they can get things built.

In this session, practitioners will share how they went from building world-class streets one project at a time to internalizing best practices so that every project is a great one, and delivered quickly and more efficiently. Every city’s challenges are different, but their experiences offer lessons for all of us: from Boise, whose lack of jurisdiction over its own streets necessitated that it articulate a very clear vision and priorities to its county, to New York City, where a data-driven planning process was instituted to make the most effective use of limited capital funds, to DC where DDOT is working to align planning, traffic engineering, and both road and transit capital projects to accelerate project delivery. Spanning policies, procedures, budgeting, and inter-agency relations, we’ll see what’s needed to get tangible results.