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Parking Management and Pricing in the United States

“State of the Practice: Parking Management and Pricing in the United States” (San Francisco, September 22-23) brought together city parking policy makers and managers from around the country to share lessons learned, best practices and plans for the future. Advanced technologies and new ways of thinking about parking management are transforming cities throughout the world.

The workshop featured experiences and information on a wide range of parking topics, including:

• Parking payment technologies
• Vehicle detection technologies
• Managing parking exceptions and special considerations, such as disabled permits
• Parking pricing
• Data collection and system management strategies
• General parking management issues facing small, medium and large cities

Click here for the agenda.

Recommended Readings
For individuals who may be new to parking management or would simply like a refresher regarding parking pricing management we recommend reviewing one or more of the documents listed in the attached document prior to the conference.

Click here for a complete list of recommended readings.


The Big Picture: How are large, medium and small cities moving forward with parking policy innovation
New York City Department of Transportation, Bruce Schaller,
City of Pasadena, Mark Yamarone

Market Pricing: What is it and how do we get there?
Washington DC, Damon Harvey
ParkSmart, New York City Department of Transportation
Seattle Department of Transportation, Mary Catherine Snyder
City of Ventura, Thomas Mericle

Is there an ideal parking payment technology?
SFPark, SFMTA, Mariana Parreiras
Washington DC, Soumya Dey
Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Daniel Mitchell

Commuter Parking Management, Pricing, and Parking Cashout
University of Minnesota, Adeel Lari
Boulder, Kurt Matthews

Contracting Issues: Whether to Contract, What to Contract and How to Contract
Atlanta, Angela Bowers-Ervin
Washington DC, Soumya Dey
New York City Department of Transportation, Guillermo Leiva

Data Collection Systems, Approaches, Dissemination, and Analysis
Seattle Department of Transportation, Mary Catherine Snyder

Parking, Pricing and Management: What can be done on a Tight Budget with Limited Staff
Chicago Department of Transportation, David Zavattero

Berkeley: Parking Pricing and Management

Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor of the City of Philadelphia
Carol Zimmerman, Battelle